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Please note that completion of the e-course or the taught course, Understanding Structural Behaviour (USB), is highly recommended

This course provides an overview of the design process by reviewing existing structures, with an extension of the USB course to three-dimensional structures, an analysis of structural failures and the application of an approximate analysis to two iconic structures.

Training Outcomes

After you have completed this course, you’ll be able to describe and discuss the process of creating the structural model; understand the distinct stages of the full design process; explain the application of an understanding of structural behaviour to the creation of the engineering model; describe the range of checks you should carry out on the results of the computer analysis; and demonstrate an understanding of the load distribution for an existing structure.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is as follow:

  • A Mind’s Eye
  • Recent Structural Failures
  • Structural Modelling
  • Behaviour of 3-Dimensional Structures
    • Tutorial Video
    • Practice Problems – 3D Structures
    • Solution to Practice Problems
  • Look, Interpret, Explain
  • Hyatt Regency and other failures
  • Frame Stability
  • Canopy at Copenhagen Airport
    • Exercise
    • Solution to Exercise
  • Stability Systems
  • Collapse of Siemens Arena
  • Centre Pompidou
    • Approximate Analysis
  • Swiss Re Building (aka. The Gherkin)
  • End of Course Test.

The completion of Understanding Structural Behaviour course prior to this one is highly advised.