How to apply a coupon code to a course purchase

If you have received a coupon code from us, either through being an IStructE member, or from an offline invoiced purchase, please follow the instructions below to apply your discount.

After logging in, from any page, click on “Buy our Courses” on the left hand menu bar

Then near the top, select the relevant course that you want to apply your coupon on.

After clicking in to the course purchase page, scroll to the bottom, and just before the credit card details input box, you should see a “Have a coupon?” link. Click on this.

This should generate another input box where you can put your coupon code in. Enter your code in this box.

If you have entered a valid coupon, this should be reflected in the price. If you have already prepurchased the course, then your code should give a 100% discount, and you will not need to enter any credit card details.

If your code still requires a payment for the difference, then you can continue with your credit card transaction from here.

You can click on “Sign Up” and proceed with the transaction.