QSE Software

You may not be able to download from an organisation Internet connection because the firewalls may prevent it, you may need a home connection.

Then input the username and password that are on the last page of the book. If you have an old 3 digit reference number, add zero at the beginning to turn it into a 4 digit number.

The Student Version of QSE Space and Plane

This software was developed in the early 1990’s by QSE Ltd. When this company was sold to Research Engineers I retained the rights over this student version. However, with these later versions of Windows there is a glitch and this is the workaround.

With this update, it is important to point out that the development is 30 year’s old, and is a testament to the development team at QSE that it is still working. However, it is intended for student use, to allow a check on the qualitative problems in the course, ‘Understanding Structural Behaviour’.

The software in NOT maintained, which is why it is given free with the textbook. It is up to the user to ensure that the computer solutions are valid and safe.

The Work Around

The glitch is that when you load the Loads window, the input for member loads does not appear.


But this only limits the input of the loads using the cursor. Click on the top menu Loads.


First select the Member you wish to load, by clicking on it with the mouse. It will colour blue. Then from the drop-down menu, select Assign Loads.


This will show a window from which you can select the type of loading you require. Input the load data and this can also be seen in the Loadcase Table.


Thank you for buying the book. Let me know if this is not clear enough.

David Brohn